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Balkan Discovery 2022

8 Countries | 14 Days | 1 Amazing Experience

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Throughout history, the Balkans were known as the powder-keg of Europe. Indeed, history is full of sudden burst of the strong Balkan passions. But wars are left in the past. We can now only enjoy the beautiful features of the sunny face of the Balkans – beautiful and preserved nature, old monasteries, cozy towns – a different and slightly old-fashioned Europe. We offer you to tour together several countries and see the most interesting places in each of them – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria – all alike but at the same time very different in their own way. This is the place, where Europe meets the Orient, where Christians and Muslims have lived together for centuries, where old traditions coexist with the rhythm of XXI century.


  • The monastery of “Studenica” established in the XIII century, under the auspices of UNESCO
  • Mehmed Pasha Bridge near Visegrad, built in XVI century is under UNESCO auspices
  • Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Mostar whose old part is a World Heritage Site
  • Dubrovnik the masterpiece of the Adriatic, the sea and commercial rival of Venice, under the auspices of UNESCO
  • The picturesque Kotor Bay and the town of Kotor, forming a beautiful ensemble of natural, historic and cultural heritage, under the auspices of UNESCO
  • Visoki Decani Monastery with the largest medieval church in the Balkans, under the auspices of UNESCO
  • Tirana the capital of Albania
  • Ohrid a medieval literary center and the last capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. Together with the Ohrid Lake the town is under UNESCOs protection
Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria